Responsibility consists of many layers and we are committed to building a brand that prioritises sustainability at every step of the way. 
In the creation of a BY PARIAH collection, many stakeholders are involved.

Beginning with the love of raw materials upon which our brand is founded, we only use the highest quality materials, which are ethically sourced and produced.
All of our products are made from 100% recycled gold and silver. Each gold and silver bar used in our production comes from an international refiner with RJC certification, and each bar is accompanies with a RJC document to certify that it is made from 100% recycled material. 
We stand for a conflict free diamond policy and only purchase diamonds through respected suppliers who adhere to our strict zero tolerance policy. 2021 sees the introduction of lab grown diamonds for the first time used in select designs only. 

Many of our vendors are small, family-run businesses, supporting heritage production techniques that have largely been left behind by modern mass manufacturing. These small workshops are often the pillars of their local communities and producing with them supports local economies around the world. Respectful pricing reflects the quality of the materials and the level of workmanship involved to bring each item to life. 

Our collections are built upon a foundation of elegant,  seasonless designs, creating an appreciation for possessions with purpose and tradition over trends and throwaway culture. 
Like many businesses we are not perfect but we constantly thrive to improve ourselves for a greener, fairer future.