Based in London, UK, By Pariah is a new generation luxury jewellery brand founded by Sophie Karg. An article in the National Geographic about the Pariah parts of the Caribbean, describing their untouched, raw and natural beauty inspired the concept behind the brand. 

Drawn by a desire to amplify the notion of modern attainable fine jewellery without compromising on quality and ethical practices, each collection is built upon a foundation of elegant, season-less designs. We believe in appreciation for possessions with purpose and tradition over trends.

The design follows the principles of timelessness and relaxed elegance - each piece is crafted to complement the owner, rather than overpower. Once it’s worn, it means to evoke emotions of something familiar yet subtly novel.  

By Pariah collections are composed of heavy gold in 9 karat and 14 karat mixed with precious and semi precious stones including diamonds, dark red tiger eye, green amethyst, yellow citrine and lapis lazuli. Each piece is carefully made by hand. Many of our vendors are small family-run businesses, supporting heritage production techniques that have largely been left behind by modern mass manufacturing.

Respectful pricing reflects the quality of the materials and the level of workmanship involved to bring each item to life.