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Our ring collection is made from 100% certified recycled 14K yellow, hand-carved, natural gemstones and natural diamonds. From sleek minimalistic designs to intricate details, our collection invites you to explore the art of stacking and redefine your personal style.

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Single Line Diamond BandSingle Line Diamond Band
Single Line Diamond Band Sale price£ 1,585
Kalahari Ring Stack | Botswana AgateKalahari Ring Stack | Botswana Agate
Stone Trilogy Stack | Moss & Grey AgateStone Trilogy Stack | Moss & Grey Agate
Essential Gem Stacking Ring - Botswana AgateEssential Gem Stacking Ring - Botswana Agate
Classic Ring Stack - Grey AgateClassic Ring Stack - Grey Agate
Classic Ring Stack - White AgateClassic Ring Stack - White Agate
Classic Ring Stack - Moss AgateClassic Ring Stack - Moss Agate
Diamond Pebble Cocktail Ring in Black OnyxDiamond Pebble Cocktail Ring in Black Onyx
Single Line Morganite RingSingle Line Morganite Ring
Single Line Morganite Ring Sale price£ 1,920
Single Line Green Amethyst RingSingle Line Green Amethyst Ring
Luminous Ring Stack - Moss AgateLuminous Ring Stack - Moss Agate
Luminous Ring Stack - Red JasperLuminous Ring Stack - Red Jasper
Classic Ring Stack - Black OnyxClassic Ring Stack - Black Onyx
Essential Gem Stacking Ring - Grey AgateEssential Gem Stacking Ring - Grey Agate
Triple Diamond Eternity Band RingTriple Diamond Eternity Band Ring
Essential Stacking Ring Black OnyxEssential Stacking Ring Black Onyx
Kiama Pinky Ring White TopazKiama Pinky Ring White Topaz
Kiama Pinky Ring White Topaz Sale price£ 1,495
Essential Gem Stacking Ring - Green Moss AgateEssential Gem Stacking Ring - Green Moss Agate
Kiama Pinky Ring Green AmethystKiama Pinky Ring Green Amethyst
Triple Diamond Eternity Pinky RingTriple Diamond Eternity Pinky Ring - By Pariah
The Albert 2.0 RingThe Albert 2.0 Ring
The Albert 2.0 Ring Sale price£ 1,795
Essential Stacking Ring - Green AventurineEssential Stacking Ring - Green Aventurine
The Orbit Ring - CitrineThe Orbit Ring - Citrine
The Orbit Ring - Citrine Sale price£ 1,160 Regular price£ 1,450
Diamond Pebble Cocktail Ring in Green AventurineDiamond Pebble Cocktail Ring in Green Aventurine
Essential Gem Stacking Ring - White AgateEssential Gem Stacking Ring - White Agate
The Orbit Ring - Green AmethystThe Orbit Ring - Green Amethyst
The Orbit Ring - Green Amethyst Sale price£ 1,160 Regular price£ 1,450
Essential Gem Stacking Ring - Red JasperEssential Gem Stacking Ring - Red Jasper
Diamond Gold Linings RingDiamond Gold Linings Ring
Diamond Gold Linings Ring Sale price£ 2,200
The Orbit Ring - London Blue TopazThe Orbit Ring - London Blue Topaz
The Orbit Ring - London Blue Topaz Sale price£ 1,160 Regular price£ 1,450