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The narrative of By Pariah is one of personal evolution. Eschewing a conventional path in jewellery education, Sophie’s deep-rooted passion for jewellery and innate desire to create have propelled her into design.

With a background in luxury fashion communications, founder Sophie Howard set out to redefine modern luxury in fine jewellery, infusing each design with an intuitive understanding of modern elegance and subtle style cues that make a strong impression.

Sophie’s design process highlights the elemental beauty inherent in each material. Iconic creations, such as the meticulously hand-carved stone ring stacks detailed with carved gold inlays, are synonymous with the brand.

“I’ve always had an appreciation for nature; not in a naturalist way, but in the curves and forms of the earth and it’s raw materials, and this echos in how I design - architectural, but bold and smooth.” - SH

Sophie’s vision extends beyond mere aesthetic to embrace versatility and functionality; she crafts pieces that not only enhance but transform the wearer’s daily narrative, becoming an extension of their identity.