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Ring Size Guide

Finding your ring size

Choosing the right ring size can be a little difficult; whether it's for yourself, a partner or a friend. To make things easier for you, simply follow our tips and tools on how to pick the perfect ring size.

Measure your finger
  1. Wrap a strip of paper or piece of string around your finger where you would like your ring to sit.
  2. Make sure that the paper or string hugs the finger snugly - just as a ring would fit.
  3. Mark the spot where the paper or string meets and measure the distance with a ruler in mm.
  4. Use our Ring Size Conversion Chart to determine your ring size. 
Measure an existing ring
  1. Choose which finger you would like your ring to sit, then select a ring that already fits comfortably on it.
  2. Measure the inside diameter of the ring in mm.
  3. Use our Ring Size Conversion Chart to determine your ring size. 

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Use our handy ring size guide to convert your measurements to UK, US, EU and Australian ring sizes. 

SIZE 44   (14.01MM) F (14.03MM) 3 (13.97MM)
SIZE 45   (14.32MM) G (14.42MM) 3.5 (14.38MM)
SIZE 46   (14.64MM) G (14.42MM) 4 (14.78MM)
SIZE 47   (14.96MM) H (14.82MM) 4 (14.78MM)
SIZE 48   (15.28MM) I (15.22MM) 4.5 (15.19MM)
SIZE 49   (15.60MM) J (15.61MM) 5 (15.60MM)
SIZE 50   (15.92MM) K (16.00MM) 5.5 (16.00MM)
SIZE 51   (16.23MM) L (16.40MM) 6 (16.40MM)
SIZE 52   (16.55MM) L (16.40MM) 6 (16.40MM)
SIZE 53   (16.87MM) M (16.79MM) 6.5 (16.82MM)
SIZE 54   (17.19MM) N (17.18MM) 7 (17.22MM)
SIZE 55   (17.51MM) O (17.58MM) 7.5 (17.63MM)
SIZE 56   (17.83MM) P (17.97MM) 7.5 (17.63MM)
SIZE 57   (18.14MM) P (17.97MM) 8 (18.03MM)
SIZE 58   (18.46MM) Q (18.36MM) 8.5 (18.45MM)
SIZE 59   (18.78MM) R (18.76MM) 9 (18.87MM)
SIZE 60   (19.10MM) S (19.15MM) 9.5 (19.28MM)


Our Tips
  • Temperature and time of day are important. Try not to measure your hands when they're too hot or too cold!
  • It's best to take your measurements in the evening when your hands are at their largest. If you find yourself between two ring sizes, always go with the larger one. 
  • If you (like a lot of us) have slightly larger knuckles than the base of your finger, you should go up half a size.
  • If you are purchasing a ring that has a wider band, we advise going one size up.

If you are still unsure, we suggest visiting your local jeweler.