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Article: Baroque Lariat Earrings

Baroque Lariat Earrings - By Pariah

Baroque Lariat Earrings

An absolute honour to see Rosie Huntington - Whitley choose our baroque lariat earrings as part of her 3 must have accessories. Each pearl is completely unique in its shape and form and has been chosen for its incredible lustre. Each pair is made to order specifically for the wearer, shop yours here.


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Stella Fashion Special - By Pariah

Stella Fashion Special

11 chic new labels to add to your wardrobe now as seen in the Telegraph, 15 Sept. 2019 Welcome to the freshly-launched brands to buy now and brag about later - 2019's ultimate answers to 'Oooh, wh...

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Karlie Kloss wears By Pariah in NY, 4th December '19 - By Pariah

Karlie Kloss wears By Pariah in NY, 4th December '19

Karlie Kloss chose to wear the Victoria, Eye of the Tiger and Gold Lining rings as a stack while attending the Amazon x Refinery 29 Holiday Pop-up in Soho, New York, on December 4th. Shop her selec...

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